Symposium “New Horizons in Vision and Hearing Research” held in Tübingen

International top experts discussed current developments in neurosensory research, joining forces to integrate vision and hearing research. A variety of therapeutic approaches demonstrated the scientific progress on the way “from bench to bedside”. The international symposium was organized by the Centre for Neurosensory Systems at the University Hospital Tübingen, Germany.

Session "Bottlenecks of Research in AMD"

In the session “Bottlenecks of Research in AMD” headed by Prof. Marius Ueffing, coordinator of the EYE-RISK consortium, experts presented their latest research findings on AMD. Speakers included José Sahel (FR/USA), Caroline Klaver (NL), Hendrik Scholl (CH) and Sascha Fauser (CH).

EYE-RISK co-coordinator Prof. Caroline Klaver presented recent results on the genetic epidemiology of AMD, from research undertaken during the EYE-RISK project. She showed how several genetic and non-genetic risk factors contribute to an individual person’s risk to develop the disease and how this can be influenced by certain lifestyle factors such as diet, smoking and exercise. By integrating this knowledge, the EYE-RISK consortium is currently developing methods to assess individual risk scores to better predict, prevent and treat the disease in the future.

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